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As our heroes start their journey to Tremadog, it becomes clear that they're going to struggle to keep the trust of their new companions. Meredith goes running. Jaspar flips a table.

Meredith and Jaspar deal with the fallout of recent events and try to find answers to a mystery that's only becoming more and more complicated. Meredith gets confused and this time, it's Jaspar turn to do some digging.

Danger seems to follow our heroes wherever they go. Their new life is under threat, however there's far more to the situation than they realise.

As one chapter of our heroes lives ends, a new one begins. Things are irreversibly different, and Meredith and Jaspar struggle to adjust to their new routines. Meredith does some digging, Jaspar does some investigating, and they hear tell of a mysterious stranger.

To celebrate the completion of Act 1, we're doing a special bonus episode! Half Q&A, half informal chat show, join us for an hour of reflection, speculation, and the age old question: "What classes are the player characters?"

With Tilly safely out of Caerbryn, our heroes turn their attention back to the necromancer. Their plans are interrupted however when the witchfinder calls them in for interrogation.

Our heroes have discovered they're not quite so alone in the city as they thought. Now, with the help of their new ally, they have the daunting task of figuring out how to get a message to a prisoner within the castle.

Our heroes are still trying to figure out where the necromancer is and to make things worse, the witchfinder is in town. Suspicions are raised when a stranger arrives at the temple looking for "talent".

Our heroes have become babysitters. While trying to figure out how to take care of a child, they receive a rather disconcerting message.

Our heroes face the enemy ... though it's still unclear who that is. Risks are taken, discoveries are made, and tears are shed.

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